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vacation checklist
vacation checklist, FAQ FAQ
  Before you leave...
Make your air reservations as soon as possible, if you are flying.
If driving, use an online map service to calculate your route.

Arrange for pet care or boarding. If boarding, be sure your pets
have any necessary shots / vaccinations. 

Arrange to have the lawn cut.

Ask a neighbor or friend to keep an eye on things and to pick up
any dropped off advertisements or leaflets, etc., left at your door
or on your driveway.

Be sure that you will have enough prescription medicine.
Order if required.

Planning to rent a car? Check your auto insurance to see if you
are fully covered where you're going. You may not need that
supplemental insurance offered by the rental company.

Stop the mail and newspaper.

Update voice mail at work with absence notification.

Update e-mail at work with auto reply absence notification.

Pay upcoming bills that can’t wait.

Get money and/or traveler's checks. 

Put name and destination phone number or destination address
in luggage. Don't put the address of your vacant home.

Record phone numbers for reporting lost or stolen credit cards or
debit cards and put them in a location other than your purse or wallet.

Record emergency phone numbers to leave with neighbors,
relatives, or pet boarding facility.

Close and lock all windows.

Unplug small appliances such as your toaster, can opener,
coffee maker, and television.

Turn off water to external faucets.

Turn off water to washing machine.

Adjust air-conditioning or heat.

Don't forget to bring...
Prescription medicine.

Contact lenses, lens case, and extra solutions.

Extra eyeglasses or lens prescription.

Umbrella or rain gear.

Camera and batteries.

Sunscreen and bug spray.

Entertainment for the kids or yourself during travel time.

Some good books to read and games to play.

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